Saturday, 6 February 2021

Corona Diary, Day 332-338

Day 332, Sunday 31 January
I don't even feel like I'm jinxing things as I don't believe that this will be the last e-learning week. But "hope is the last thing that leaves", and all that; it might be, maybe this FIFTH (!) time we are told school will start, it actually will happen?!
Today was a pretty normal Covid-Sunday. E-learning for some, padel for me. Biking for Nathan. The whole of the bottom floor got covered in dust as the maintenance crew finally came to fix our front door (which has been sticking for a while, due to the tiles rising up). Nathan cooked chicken & bacon pasta for dinner, and then we tried out two of my new games that arrived today.

Day 333, Monday 1 February
I woke up with an enormous pain in my right wrist today. I had felt some soreness last week too, but today it had completely given up. I suspect "mouse arm", but I can't really take a break from the studies, so I had to go to the pharmacy to get a wrist support. I hope it helps.

Nathan had a flight today, and when he got home and my Uni-lecture was done, we had pork chops with apples and onions, salad and corn on the cob for dinner.

Day 334, Tuesday 2 February

It always feels weird when I decide to go astray from my usual routine with exercise in the morning, but today I wanted to do it in the afternoon as I have been wanting an evening soak for a while and planned that after. So Study Group in the morning for me, Uni studies in the afternoon, cooked daal for dinner, exercised - and then... I had that long, lovely bubble bath, this time by candle light! Also made sure the G&T glass was full, and relaxed watching some Swedish TV, bliss!

Then the whole family played the latest board games that were added to our collection, 'Hive Mind' has proven to be quite fun!

Day 335, Wednesday 3 February
Such a good day today, with padel and coffee in the morning and a lunch date with Linda at a (for us) new place in Al Bandar, the Art House Café. Really lovely to sit outside, and a super delicious salad for lunch. 




Good (-ish) news about schools: e-learning extended another week, but, sounds like face-to-face school is allowed to start on the 14th! Or as our school will be on midterm holiday then, our school will start on the 16th. Sure, that's still many days away and a lot can happen between now and then, as we have seen, several times (...), before. But at least we didn't get the "e-learning extended until further notice", which would've been real depressing.
Prawn pasta for dinner.

Day 336, Thursday 4 February
Treadmill in the morning, Uni-work in the afternoon (and, who am I kidding - a nap too). Linnea baked cinnamon buns (such a good girl!) and then we had pizza for dinner. Typical Thursday.

Day 337, Friday 5 February
Lucas had volleyball today, and I went to do groceries at Carrefour after my morning workout. In the afternoon I had the first online seminar for my Museology course, a preparatory seminar for next weeks exam assignment. Steak, egg and chips for dinner. It's all about food these days, when not much else differs from day to day.

Day 338, Saturday 6 February

Today I was cooking a bit in the morning, in preparation for dinner, before my exercise. Felt real housewifely. Dinner was butter chicken with cumin naan, raita and cucumber, coconut and coriander salad. Om nom nom!
We even had apple crumble and custard for dessert - NOT a typical Saturday!

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