Saturday, 22 February 2020

RIS International Day 2020

Another year, another International Day at Raha International School - and another stall set up for Sweden! This year unfortunately without the sponsorship from IKEA, but with a few more parents pitching in to get the supplies, it wasn't exactly a burden anyway.

One of the girls had brought some 'Djungelvrål' back from Sweden, salty liquorice. We challenged our visitors to give it a try, and a surprisingly big amount of people did! And, an even more surprisingly large number of people actually liked it!

Also, there was finally someone else in the National Dress, Anna!

Here's a little glimpse of the rest of the Global Village, as per usual super colourful, full of delicious smells, yummy food and happy people! I love International Day!

My favourite by far this year was Denmark! They had certainly stepped it up a notch and gave last years gondola from Italy a bit of competition with an amazing viking boat and great dress-ups and make-up. Go Denmark!

Anna and I went to the photo booth in India, which was also absolutely out of this world! We fit right in with our flower wreaths!

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