Saturday, 29 February 2020

HustleFest 2020

So this weekend it was time for the most anticipated event I think Nathan ever has participated in - HustleFest, the first exclusively craft brew festival in the UAE.
This festival was born as a brain child of our ex-neighbour Chad, who started the company we are small investors in - Side Hustle Brews - the main hosts and organisers of this event.

Thomas flew in on Thursday night for three days, just for this event! 

You could sign up for a tasting package, which gave you one of these little tasting glasses on a lanyard, together with a HustleFest passport which contained information about each brewery and guidance on how to best taste the different hops.

Yesterday on the first day of the festival, Yas Marina quickly got absolutely packed with craft hop enthusiasts and beer lovers! It was a great atmosphere, and then I didn't even really venture over to the other side of Iris much, where they had all the games, live music and DJs.

There was over 30 never-before-tasted in the UAE craft hops on offer, from nine different visiting American craft breweries. The make-shift bars and pouring stations were busy all throughout the afternoon. Kids and I only stayed on until about 7 pm, then we had had enough, but it had been go, go, go until about 11 pm.
Yay HustleFest - well done Chad!

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