Saturday, 15 February 2020

Athens - The Benaki Museum

We continued our museum afternoon by walking a little bit further down the same street, to the Benaki Museum. It's focus covers the whole span of the country's history.

This wasn't really the most interesting museum we visited during these days here in Athens. It felt like quite an old-fashion curated collection, which was way too extensive for the kids to keep their interest up throughout all the halls. No wonder, as it covers all ages of the Greek culture and history.

When the kids ran out of steam, it was cool that all museums had free WiFi for them to enjoy while I got some extra time in peace to finish looking.

In the evening we decided to go for dinner at a place we kept passing every time we went to and from the hotel, a market style restaurant combined with a gourmet type delicatessen shop. It was really nice, I had cold cuts and some crisp wine and the kids got gyros and a burger.

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