Saturday, 29 February 2020

What a gift!

Aren't experiences the very best gift you gan give, and get? This week one of the Swedish girls from Dubai "gifted" me to her visiting mother; she booked me for a private tour of the Louvre Abu Dhabi. We had a really nice few hours together, I so enjoy these small, intimate tours:

Working face:

Outside the Louvre Abu Dhabi they have this new installation at the moment (and until the 7th of March only) called the 'Singing Trees'. It is a choir of 30 trees who have these presence sensors installed which make the trees "sing" louder the closer the visitors get to the trees. The more people interact with the trees, the more resonant the music will be. They sing three different songs, in English the "Greensleeves", in French a Medieval choir song "L'amour de Moy" and finally in Arabic a traditional Emirati "Ayyala".

This is a very cool interactive installation, a combination between art, technology and environmental awareness. Go hug a tree you too!

The 'Singing Trees' will travel from here to Paris, London and New York, and apparently finish touring by going again back to Paris, for the Olympics in 2024.

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