Wednesday, 5 February 2020

A glam glam day

After we had been out enjoying the greenery along the mangrove walk, we continued our day downtown by first visiting Manarat al Saadyiat - where there disappointingly were no open exhibits this day so it was just a quite a quick stop before continuing into the city.

So then we went for lunch up on the 74th floor, at Observation Deck at 300. This was something we didn't do last time they were here, so Carin was really excited about getting a birds eye view of the city, and have a lush lunch!

And as that wasn't enough, we continued across the road into Emirates Palace for another luxury experience that we didn't get around to last time - the Emirates Palace signature Gold Cappuccino.

On the way home before picking up the kids, I had time to take Carin to another place we didn't get to last time - Masdar City. Not that there is a lot to look at as such out there, but the architecture and the thinking behind this whole place is quite interesting.

And in the evening the lush life continued as we went out for dinner to celebrate the recent exam results we had just received from our Art History university course - passed, WITH DISTINCTION! These results meant that we both passed the whole course with distinction (VG)!

Yay us! Cheers!

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