Friday, 14 February 2020

Athens - Plaka by day and night

After the Acropolis Museum we walked about a bit in the area where our hotel was, before we went out for dinner. Plaka is a lovely part of Athens, not only was our hotel really well situated to walk to any of the museums or sights we chose to visit, but the whole neighbourhood is very picturesque and pretty.

The monument of Lysikrates, the city's only intact choreig monument, built to commemorate the victors at the annual choral and dramatic festival. This dates all the way back to 334 BCE.

Beautiful buildings, narrow streets, greenery, flowers and interesting decorations that catch you eye:

We also walked around and had a quick look at the Roman Agora ruins, with the Tower of the Winds, built as a combined weather vane and a water clock. The name comes from the pretty friezes up the top, personifying the eight winds:

And it seems that nearly everywhere you go in Athens, you have the view of the Acropolis!

We came past a place that my Greek friend had recommended us to go, the Little Kook restaurant. Although we were hunting more for dinner than a coffee break at this point so we decided to come back another day. 

Instead we went for gyros and souvlaki, yum, yum, yum!

Athens by night, what a sight!

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