Saturday, 15 February 2020

Athens - Little Kooks

So Monday was also the day when we returned to the Little Kooks, it was time to enter the Christmas themed wonderland that is this quirky cafe. Already on the outside it is completely overwhelming with decorations all over the street, there is so much to see, almost like a movie set.
And then inside...

I mean... look!! It's absolutely crazy, with Christmas decorations, twinkling lights and Santas ALL OVER! 

We had our little coffee break there with some yummy cakes and a lemon & sugar crêpe, yum! The waiters were also dressed as elfs, of course, but strangely enough they weren't playing Christmas music.

Apparently each holiday season they change the theme, but Christmas suited us quite well as we do like Christmas decorations, even if it was a bit much obviously, even for me!

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