Saturday, 8 February 2020

Waitangi Day 2020

This Friday we went for a Brunch together with Herni and the twins, to celebrate Waitangi Day with the NZ community. This time it was at one of the hotels in the city where they had decorated for us poolside, but mostly with blue-white-red flags and streamers, so it gave more of a French feeling than a Kiwi feeling. Not a Buzzy Bee or a Silver Fern in sight!

They had done a good job on the food though. There wasn't a huge selection but enough for our appetites. We had a little bit of everything from burgers and fish & chips to BBQ and salads, and of course we enjoyed the table with the delicious desserts - Pavlova, mmm!

Unfortunately it didn't seem like word had gone around enough in the NZ community as there wasn't many people there at all. We have been at a few of these Waitangi Day celebrations, and usually there is a good atmosphere. This time, even though we had a good time with our friends, it felt like the party never really took off due to the lack of people.

As there wasn't many people there, Nathan and Lucas got roped in to fill out the group who were doing the Haka. This time with tops on! Lucas did his best, but didn't quite remember it all, he'll have to practice before next time!

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