Monday, 24 February 2020

Street Art Safari

My friend Linda and I had made plans today to go for a bit of a discovery trip around the Abu Dhabi city center to try and find some of the newest murals in the "For Abu Dhabi"-project. This street art project was started as a way to beautify the capital's urban spaces, there are so many new amazing art pieces around town, of different sizes.
Look at this one, a massive mural on the side of a whole high-rise! It was finished just this month by famous German graffiti writer and muralist MadC, also known as Claudia Walde.

This next one is called 'Sharp Liquid', created by the Argentinian artist Elian Chali:

I don't know who the artist is for this next one, but it covers a wall in a residential area in Khalifa City, and I love how detailed it is:

This one is in Al Bateen, but unfortunately I don't know the name of the artist:

Also in Al Bateen, this masterpiece! It is a 2,000 m2 large-scale mural created by one of the most well-known graffiti artists in the world, Brazilian Eduardo Kobra. It is called 'Tolerance', and is supposed to highlight our city's diverse population. I just love all the bright colours, and the kaleidoscope effect!

Then we went down to the Corniche, and saw this mural, artist unknown:

We got on some of those new e-scooters to save some time (and also because it was hot!), and zoomed up and down the Corniche looking for more art. We found this, very cool how they have made use of the details on the house for their mural! Artist unknown.

And this:

And this:

First time for me on one of these! Oh, so cool!

Finally we went to have a closer look at the new sculpture which is placed at the Corniche Plaza at the moment, by Ai Wei Wei - 'Forever bicycles'.
No, the photo is not out of focus, it is supposed to look like this!

The artist is emphasizing the important role that bicycles have always had in his homeland China. The fact that they are stuck together could be interpreted in many ways... Different versions of this sculpture have been installed in many places around the world before, and it too is here as part of the 'For Abu Dhabi'-initiative.

Thank you for a great afternoon Linda! Next time we will go explore some other areas of Abu Dhabi hunting for more inspiring street art!

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