Sunday, 7 December 2014

Where the food has fun!

Ever since the Yas Mall opened, we had promised the kids to take them to this new and very spectacular restaurant, called Rogos Roller Coaster Restaurant. So we thought, that for their last meal of their holiday the girls should get this experience too!

It is just what it sounds like - a stainless steel track and roller track system with loops, steep turns and spirals where the food and drink travels down in special transport devices, driven only by gravity. The gigantic tornado-shaped spiral is the restaurant's highlight.

This restaurant is part of a franchise with restaurants like this also in Germany, Kuwait and Russia. This one in Yas Mall, is the world's biggest one though. Of course.

Here’s how it works… you walk in, get seated, pick up a tablet provided by the restaurant and place your order:

Then you wait and watch with anticipation for your food and drinks to come zooming down your very own roller coaster!

The kids absolutely loved it! Well of course, what's not to love! The technology, the roller coaster, the little pots the food came in - the food even!

Sure food was alright, but not more. You wouldn't go here because their food is something extra... I guess this restaurant really only will bring people in on the novelty factor. You also have to think about what to order, as the pots on some roller coasters go through loop de loops, so by the time it reaches you... it might not look as appetizing anymore! :)

At least, it's certainly a very unique dining experience!
And as their motto says "Our food has fun - so should you"! :)

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  1. This is the coolest place I have ever seen!!! I wanna go there!