Saturday, 6 December 2014

Delivery service extraordinaire

Poor Jenny, she really was in two minds about that fabulous pink, bling-bling ring she saw at the Gold & Diamond Park Wednesday. Yes, she unfortunately did decide in the end not to get it after having been umming and ahing about it without end ALL day. I told her she would regret it, but she did think it was a lot of money, "just to spend on herself".
So, guess what I felt like saying when she came down in the kitchen Thursday morning after having slept on her decision, wondering if there was a bus or some way she could get to Dubai, to get it? ... *Duh*.

We weighed up different options and thought out different plans, but in the end, the solution was too easy: I gave my jewelery man a call, and guess what - he was prepared to send it here with special delivery that evening!
How's that for amazing customer service! He sent his driver with the ring all the way from Dubai to Abu Dhabi!

Funny thing was, the driver couldn't quite find our house (story of our life), so we had to meet up with him in the parking lot of the local police station, ha ha! It certainly looked like we were doing something a lot more dodgy than buying a pretty pink ring..! :D

At least, Jenny was super happy and content; AND impressed that it's not just pizzas coming with home delivery here! She hasn't taken the ring off since, it was definitely the right decision to buy it.
What a special souvenir of a great week - you go girl!

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