Saturday, 6 December 2014

Corniche walk

On Thursday I had a Lucia planning meeting with my friends from the Swedish School, SWEA and the ambassador, for the Lucia celebrations next week. I went to the Swedish residence to discuss which way Lucia will walk, the placings of the tables and light and how much lussebullar we need. We also sorted out the kitchen and set the glögg, all ready to welcome around 150 Swedes coming to celebrate with us!

Meanwhile Pia and I had dropped the girls off at Emirates Palace, and after they had had a look around there, they walked down along the Corniche in the sunset.

I have actually not properly visited the Emirates Palace myself yet, other than when we went to the 'Illusionists 2.0' magic show, but then we sort of just walked right through. Hopefully I'll get the chance to experience their famous 'Afternoon Tea', with some other visitors. One week is not enough to do it all!

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