Saturday, 6 December 2014

Fabulous Friday

Oh - yesterday we just had the most fantastic day..!
I had booked the girls and I in at a Friday Brunch at the Origins restaurant at the Viceroy hotel. That's the hotel that is situated above the F1 track, and this weekend they are having the Ferrari Finali Mondiali, so while we were enjoying our brunch - we could also enjoy many different races just outside the window!

Our table, right by the window with a spectacular view of the track! We had requested an inside table which was lucky, as it was pretty noisy outside..!

Our golden bracelets, which allowed us unlimited bubbly! :) :)

Erika inspecting the brunch buffet. The chocolate part was extra impressive - especially this Ferrari sculpture, made entirely out of chocolate!

We had four hours to enjoy all that the brunch had to offer, so we started out with the seafood, as you do:

Grilled lobster, smoked salmon, smoked duck, a smoked chicken dish with pomegranate and a carrot and orange shot...:

 Some kind of carrot brûlé, a kiwi shot, prawn and vegetable tempuras and sushi...

Saffron bread, mini flute, a feta cheese "thing", filled zucchini, liver paté and a local lentil paste:

More seafood, prawns, mussels, caviar, blinis and oysters...:

Time for cheese:

Erika and I by the dessert table:

Not sure what this was, but it was like a chocolate mousse getting stirred through with dry ice, and it turned into almost a merengue. It then got served with a little biscuit, sprinkled with gold.

Dessert plate, mmm - mango pannacotta, crème brûlé, pralines and chocolate...:

By the fire in the foyer!

After our four hour brunch, full of delicious food, bubbly, coffee and mojitos - we aimed even higher and went up to the Skybar for a final drink. We forgot that the races were still on, so it was really, really noisy up there unfortunately. Otherwise it was a pretty cool place to be, a great view, through the grid!

Instead we finished off the day/evening with a sundowner at the Stills Bar, always a winner!
What an amazingly lush, luxurious and lovely day!

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