Saturday, 6 December 2014

A morning at the Breakwater

On the girls last day, they wanted to visit the Heritage Village at the Breakwater. It was really busy down that area since Abu Dhabi just hosted the last round of the UIM Class 1 World Powerboat Championships this Thursday and Friday.
Plus, at the same time, the area is busy setting up and getting ready to host the Volvo Ocean Race stopover, with the fleet arriving from Cape Town in mid December and staying until the 3 January 2015. There will be a whole Volvo Ocean Race Destination Village here on the Breakwater, with multiple concerts and different activities going on.

We did a quick visit to the Heritage Village, there was a lot more people than when I was last there in April. Also there was an exhibition going on that wasn't there last time, I guess it was in honour of the recent National Day.

Jenny wanted to do one last bit of shopping, and I wanted to show the girls the view over the Corniche from this side of the water, so we went to the Marina Mall. We had a bit to eat at the Marina Mall Tower. Kids were disappointed we didn't choose the revolving restaurant, but the view was just as good being still..! (Food really is nothing special there though, I guess I need to find another look-out place.)

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