Sunday, 14 December 2014

Post Lucia moment

After the beautiful afternoon/evening at the residence, celebrating Lucia (and helping cleaning up!), the kids pretty much went straight to bed when we got home, school night at all.
I unpacked and got sorted, and then I sat down and had a moment, with a MUG of glögg, and watched the Swedish Lucia celebrations from the morning, on SVTplay. What would us expats do, without internet?

This has been the way for us to "celebrate" Lucia many times before. F.e in 2011, when all three of us were watching the hour long concert together, in front of my computer screen:

Sometimes I have dressed up the kids, although it was just for us in the family. Like when we were in NZ for Lucia in 2008. The kids did Lucia for Grandma and Granddad:

That same year Linnea also took part in a 'luciatåg' at another Swede's house in Taupo. She wasn't quite sure what was going on, but she sure was excited!

One year we were lucky enough to actually be in Sweden for Lucia. We did what all Swedes do and got up really early in the morning to watch Lucia on TV, with 'lussefika' of course! And in the evening we went and saw a beautiful Lucia procession at the Skara Dome:

Last year we were in Dubai visiting our Danish friends right at Lucia, so we were lucky to get to visit the Scandinavian Church there and get to see a 'luciatåg'.

Who knew that a year later my two were going to be in another 'luciatåg' here in the UAE!

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