Saturday, 13 December 2014

Lucia at the Swedish residence 2014

Today is Lucia. A very special day for Swedes.
I had my breakfast in the light of the Advent candle this morning. Normally the kids light it for their breakfast in the morning, but since they had already had their breakfast and forgot, today it was my turn to enjoy breakfast by candlelight.

Swedish School together with the Swedish Ambassador had invited all Swedes in Abu Dhabi to celebrate Lucia with us, at the Ambassador's residence. We had prepared for about 150 people, but unfortunately it seemed like a lot of the people who had signed up, decided not to turn up.
It was a beautiful setting though, just by the sea.

 Pia and I:

The afternoon started with a small gathering for those who wished, together with the Swedish priests that had come up from Dubai, especially for this:

Then it was time for a bit of a mingle, and traditional "lusse fika":  glögg (mulled wine), pepparkakor (gingerbread thins) and lussebullar (saffron buns); and coffee and homemade toffee:

Meanwhile, the students from Swedish School were getting ready for their big performance. Lucia, the maidens, star boys and santas were all ready to go:

When it was finally time to go, we walked down the stairs - look at this excited happy face!

We started singing when we left the house, and then we walked by the pool, and down to the new garden area where everybody waited for us.
The pictures are all a bit dark and blurry, not the easiest conditions to photograph in obviously.

"The night treads heavily, around yards and dwellings.
In places unreached by sun, the shadows brood.
Into our dark house she comes, bearing lighted candles,
Saint Lucia, Saint Lucia."

Everybody took photos and filmed.

Lucas unfortunately got left out of some photos as he was on the very far left, but here he is!

The little siblings, still too young to go to Swedish School, but they were invited to join in for this special occasion, very cute:

Together with the SWEA choir, who sang two songs on their own, and then joined the children for  their last song "Nu tändas tusen juleljus":

It was very beautiful, and the kids sung their little hearts out. Everybody read their verses beautifully and with loud, clear voices. No stage fright, and no ants in their pants - they all stood there and did their thing, we were so proud of them all!

After the thank you speeches, Linnea got asked to help the Ambassador out with the raffle, and pick two winners:

As Lucia, she also received a gift from the Ambassador. Not a necklace, as per usual tradition, but a camel - with his name on it! :) She loved it!

Then it was finally time to walk out again, after having stood through those couple of speeches, and waited patiently to sing the last song:

Back in the changing room after it was done! Time to relax and have some fun!

Us teachers finally could get our hands on some glögg, and we got presents too!

From us all at Swedish School, at this end of term, - to you all - Merry Christmas!

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