Monday, 15 December 2014

Under construction

Since our last attempt at making gingerbread houses on our own (we need Mormor for this!), when we realized that Brunei ants and sugary decorations go way to well together... we haven't made any more for a while. Until now.
I got some at IKEA when they got them in, and Linnea convinced me yesterday it was time to put them together. Wise from last time, I got the kids to decorate them before we put them together:

The kids did a really good job, both very concentrated and especially Lucas - with clear visions of how he wanted it to look like.
I hadn't been able to find white icing (and I couldn't be bothered making my own) so we went for some store bought glittery icing in slightly alternative colours. Mostly we used a big tub of red icing... which we won't do again. It now looks like we have squirted ketchup all over the houses! :)

This building business was a bit tricky this time, I kept burning myself on the melted sugar... ouch... and unfortunately I must admit I didn't do a very good job. We tried to cover up the sugar mess with icing afterward, but you wouldn't believe the kids actually had an adult helping them... Ha ha!
Ah well, it was a nice activity at least, and the result is... charming!

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