Friday, 5 December 2014

Madinat Zayed Shopping

We had planned for a desert picnic on Monday afternoon, after we had picked the kids up from school. Unfortunately we had to change our plans because during the day - it RAINED!!!
Yes it's true! It was only the second time since we got here I've seen rain, and it actually kept drizzling (very lightly!) for a while. Crazy! So, with raindrops and no sun, we decided going to the desert was no point.

Instead, since we were in town, we tried to find the markets and the gold souk. We didn't have much time, so when we got stuck shopping at the Madinat Zayed Shopping Center, we had no time for nothing else.

Both the girls shopped away and got some lovely pashminas, Erika bought some Christmas baubles and Jenny a belly dancing skirt!

We spotted a dalecarlian camel in one of the shops!

Even in the supermarkets they are celebrating the National Day! Tomatoes, peppers, garlic and aubergines! Cool!

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