Saturday, 30 January 2021

Corona Diary, Day 325-331

Day 325, Sunday 24 January
I like starting my weeks by having Padel coaching. Today both Petra and I were a bit off though it seemed. We hit harder - but not really better - shots, ha ha; and the rallies didn't really happen. Ah well, I guess all sessions develop our game somewhat, even if we don't feel it ourselves at the day.
I also went to have my 2nd jab of the vaccine, so now I'm all done. Feels good.
An easy one-pot chicken pasta for dinner and Linnea, Nathan and I spent the evening trying out our new board games.

Day 326, Monday 25 January
Grey and foggy morning, and a grey and foggy mood. I have slept really poorly the past few nights, don't know why. Exercise, lunch, Uni-work, nap and Uni-lecture today. Nathan cooked dinner, pork loin with mash and veggies.

Day 327, Tuesday 26 January
This morning we had Study Group with the LAD-girls again, for the first time in a long time. We had a break over the winter holidays, and then with the exam our focus changed a bit; but now we are back on track again!
Nobody wanted to cook so we went out for dinner. It felt like we needed a mid-week pick-me-up, so we went to Friends Burger.

Day 328, Wednesday 27 January
Padel in the morning with some of the other Swedish girls. Good games today, and a nice chat over coffee after. I think I managed to finish off this weeks assignment for my Museology-course today, at least the bulk of it, still have tomorrow to polish on it some more.
Having ordered groceries online for the past many weeks I decided to do a Carrefour-run late this afternoon for a change. So then we got 'Sushi & Shawarmas' for dinner, he he!

Day 329, Thursday 28 January
Nathan went to work today, so I had the whole day to study in peace. Sent in my assignment and sat and read for most of the day. In the evening the family had pizza for dinner and I went to hang out with Jennifer, Linda and Sara.

Day 330, Friday 29 January
Lucas had volleyball again today, and Linnea hung out with a friend. That's pretty much it. Nathan went for a bike ride this morning, I spent 1,5 hr on the treadmill; and then it was Uni-studies all afternoon. Lucas was kindly invited out for dinner for his friend Yazan's birthday and the rest of us had sweet-and-sour chicken and rice for dinner.

Day 331, Saturday 30 January

Today after I spent another 1,5 hr on the treadmill I tried cooking the okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) again for lunch. Hm, tastes ok, but execution and presentation still is not quite there.
Linnea was invited out in the desert with her friend Kashmira, so it was just the three of us for most of the day. I had lots of studies to do, so my afternoon was mostly about that. Nathan was on his bike in the Pain Cave, and Lucas was gaming. Swedish meatballs for dinner.

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