Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The Swedish summer trends 2016

Oh, I almost forgot to post the results of this year's trend spotting while I was in Sweden! This time the findings are not all my own, but a collaboration between me and my UFOs (other Swedish expats), although I must say, we had actually in much come to the very same conclusions!

Swedes pride themselves in being unique trendsetters, but when you shortly touch down in the Swedish summer from abroad, you see them with different eyes. And guess what - they all look like clones of each other! So what was the Swedish "summer uniform" of 2016?

- Bomber jackets. On kids, women, men - all over.
- Full beards on men, nicely trimmed luckily
- Short hair on the sides and long on top for all young boys, sometimes tied on top in a bun (*shudders*)
- Olaplexed (=professionally treated and very shiny) hair on all women (this was mostly in the capital I must admit)
- Off shoulder tops
- Long sleeveless waistcoats
- Bandanas tied around your hair
- American baseball caps
- Fanny packs (yes really!)

Finally we also happily noted that the trend "leggings-under-skirts" seem to finally have died out after persisting for many years, ha ha!

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