Friday, 5 August 2016

The best coast

The next stop on our road trip was the west coast of Sweden, also known as the "best coast" of Sweden, and the island of Tjörn.

We were going to visit another Linda, who is an old school/band friend of mine that I last saw a couple of years ago. Then she came all the way up to Skara to meet for lunch, but without kids. So our kids hadn't really met before, at least not as far as they remember; but we had a really good visit.

The weather really gave up on us by the time we reached Tjörn. On the Thursday morning we managed a quick walk around Rönnäng, down to the shore and across the village, in between two rain showers. The boys were chasing Pokemon and I just enjoyed the views over the rocks and the sea.

Linda and Thomas live an every-other-week kind of life, where every two weeks they have all their four (two each) kids and every two weeks they are all on their own. So it was a bit of a challenge to try and fit a suitable time for visiting, when they also had the kids.

The kids also had a great time on their trampoline. Lucas practised really hard and finally managed to do a salto - and land on his feet! He was stoked!

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