Friday, 19 August 2016

In Karlslunde

On Friday we took a bit of a longer (well, 40 minutes out) trip with the S-train out of Copenhagen, to visit one of my very good friends who live in a small village in the countryside, Karlslunde.

Christina, Frank and their two kids live in a 100 year old house that they have restored and modernized beautifully, such a lovely place. Even the weather was with us, the sun came out just in time for lunch, so we could enjoy it outside.

Lucas had to arm wrestle Frank for the wifi-code..!

After lunch Christina took us to see her horse, even further out in the countryside. It was so lush, so greeeen! I think we all enjoyed being out on a farm, amongst the fields, the green and the animals, it made for a nice change to the bustling big city life.

 Frederik and the kids in an old tractor:

Frank and Olivia:

Such a lovely day!

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