Monday, 22 August 2016

Søren is 50!

Saturday was otherwise all about the big party. Our friend Søren was celebrating his 50th and had invited for a huge bash in a bar in Vesterbro. We were all super excited!
Viola, one of Signe's girls, did my hair before I left, and I felt very pretty.

I met up with a few of the others in Kødbyen beforehand for a few drinks. The whole old 'Skygang' reunited for the first time in many years at the party, everybody apart from Nathan... :(

We were at a place in Enghave Plads called Stempelbar. Such a cool and quirky restaurant! The host/owner was so excited and geared up that I mistook him for one of the guests at the party, he was ready to let it all rip just as much as the rest of us!

Here's Søren bidding us all welcome and opening the buffet and the bar. There sure was a lack of nothing - the food was absolutely superb, and there was an abundance of wine and beer placed on every table for everyone to serve themselves.

Stine, Peter and Søren:

Søren had specifically asked for no speeches, so that was Lars' cue, ha ha! He both delivered a riveting speech and some impressive trumpet music, to accompany our Happy Birthday singing!

Pierre and Lars:

Katja, me and Jennie - and old Premiair collegue who also happens to come from the same part of Sweden as I do, and used to live in Dubai.

The boys, Mads, Pierre, Søren and Lars:

In the beginning of the evening we were treated to live music from a band called 'The Commanders', four pilot collegues of Søren (and me, previously). They were really, really good!!
So the dancing started early, and it never really stopped. When the band had finished their set and the DJ took over, the dance floor was already packed!

Dorthe and I:

Around midnight a traditional Danish pølsevogn (=hot dog cart) emerged outside the bar. Perfect timing, as everybody had become a little bit peckish again:

I'll finish with the photos here... as they only became more and more blurry... as did I..! :)
But what a night, such a good party and a what a celebration!!! I was so happy to be there together with Søren, and the rest of our friends - Skygang still rocks!

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