Thursday, 18 August 2016

Brunch, wine, canal sightseeing and yummy dinner

We had a great first day in Copenhagen. One of my old collegues, Vagn, first took us out for brunch in Christianshavn, and then we went to see another old collegue, Rune, in his café for a coffee.

Later on we took a stroll through Nyhavn, across the new Inderhavnsboen and to the new and hip Papirøen, the city's first and only genuine street food market. It's situated inside an old warehouse, originally used for paper storage, hence the name of the island.
The Copenhagen Street Food consist of many different international street food stalls from all over the world, although we didn't need anything to eat. The kids got some ice cream and we had a glass of wine.

After saying goodbye to Vagn, the kids and I decided to hop on one of the canal tour boats. I haven't done one since my bachelorette party many moons ago, and it was only an hour, so we thought it would be a nice excursion. The skies were grey but the rain kept away luckily.

Passing under the lowest bridge of the tour:

The Royal Danish playhouse:

The Copenhagen Opera House:

Dannebrogen, Her Majesty's Yacht:

The statue of The Little Mermaid, seen from the water we only saw her back:

The Royal Castle:


The Circle Bridge, opened in 2015:

And the narrowest bridge we passed under - arms and legs on the inside please!

Later in the afternoon, we were invited over to Søren and Katja for dinner. We had some yummy take-away, and before saying goodbye (their kids are in school already so we couldn't make it a too late night), we took a walk through Frederiksberg Have to ... catch some Pokemon. :)

Pokemon hunting time!

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