Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Segerstad archipelago

We were keen on an excursion on the second day in Segerstad but with six kids in tow, it was impossible to make everybody happy. So we opted for a stroll down in the woods by the archipelago, to make me happy! :)

We found a shortish trail around the woods, and it would've been an absolutely perfect afternoon if it wasn't for the pesky horse flies who just didn't want to give up. Aaaarghhh!

We fought most of the flies off, to get all the way down to the water. So pretty.

At the end of the walk we even found some superb climbing trees and an outdoor obstacle course that the kids took on!

Oh my, when you live in a sandpit, it sure doesn't take much to make your heart sing - just bring me into the woods, give me water and greenery, aaahhh...

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