Saturday, 6 August 2016

The final road trip stop

For our final stop on our road trip we went south of Göteborg to Mölndal, and to a university friend of mine, Anna-Karin. I keep saying this, but my oh my how time flies! Last time we saw each other was five years ago already!
Since then her family had grown by one more little boy, so the kids had to make friends with both Jacob, Oscar and Victor, whom they all met for the first time. It didn't take much, Linnea kidnapped little Victor and the bigger boys bonded over pokemon, of course!

When we had had dinner we all took an evening walk together to chase some pokemon, and to get down to the city center and shop for some "Fredagsmys" (=crisps and sweets). It was really nice going out all together, and lots of fun!

We only stayed one night, but the next morning we had time for another pokemon walk between breakfast and lunch, and then it was time for our departure.

I just love how my kids always fit in everywhere and make friends so easily. It makes me very proud of them. They are always very caring towards their younger friends, and that's a quality I adore. We had a lovely little road trip and I'm so happy we decided to do it, so we could see so many of our friends!

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