Sunday, 21 August 2016

Me, myself and I

I was so very lucky on the Saturday that Thomas offered to take all the kids to the swimming hall for a few hours. Doubly "lucky" was that there was then no more room in the car, so I had to stay behind - and got the afternoon all to myself.

I decided to go out in the beautiful weather, just start walking and see where my feet would bring me. Thomas and Signe have recently moved from Vesterbro to Østerbro, which is one of the few parts of Copenhagen I actually don't know too well.

I ended up walking all the way into the city center. I bought some lunch which I enjoyed on a bench in the sun whilst doing one of my favourite things - people watching. Then I walked all the way back out again through Nyhavn and then along the Langelinie pier, past Kastellet (the Citadel) and back home. 

After six weeks of solo parenting and being together 24/7 (yes, they were at camp, but I was still mothering from afar...), it was so nice for a few hours to just be - me. Aaahhh... I needed that.
Thank you Thomas.

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