Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Blue skies and summer house visit

Lars and Nete were keen on showing us their new 'kolonihavehus', (=allotment garden cottage?) out at Amager Strand before we left. So after we had been to see the Ironman race, we combined the visit with some take-away burger "the-day-after-the-night-before"-dinner, and Søren and Katja came along too.

Everybody was rather subdued... but it was a fab afternoon. Aahhh.
Sometimes it's nice when it rains on the last day of our summer holidays, and feels miserable and grey so that we can't wait to leave. But this time, I was just grateful for all the sun, blue skies and all the green I could fit in.

Kids had their food as a picnic on the grass:

Couldn't have thought of a better way to end our summer holidays, than with friends and good food in the lovely Scandinavian summer weather. ♥︎

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