Sunday, 14 August 2016

Into the woods

Today our whole afternoon was absolutely screen free, and guess what - it was fantastic!! We had a date in the woods with my aunt and my cousin and his family. Mormor and her sister took us all to their childhood woods and my Mormor's blueberry picking spot.

There was blueberries absolutely everywhere! There was no need to move around much, it was an easy job picking. The kids, Mormor and I managed about four liters before our backs gave up. Big luscious blueberries, mmm!

When we needed a bit of a break, we cooked some sausages and marshmallows over the open fire, yum yum!

Although little Lotta didn't really have the patience to wait for her sausage to cook:


Such an idyllic afternoon, we even had the old steam train come by.

In the evening we both had some blueberries with cream, and a freshly made blueberry pie. I'm sure it tasted extra good because we had picked the berries ourselves!

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