Saturday, 27 March 2021

21 - 27 March 2021

Sunday and I seem to wake up with a headache most mornings lately. It's an easy fix (with coffee), but nevertheless, it's not very nice. I'd rather fix it before going to bed so I can wake up with a clear head, maybe it's dehydration?
Anyhow, we had a great coaching session today at padel with three of us for a change. Good fun!
Unfortunately my headache came back again after lunch, so it wasn't a very nice day. We cooked hoisin and garlic chicken and rice for dinner, and I actually went to bed before 9pm, with lights out not long after that - while Nathan was hunting our extremely noisy cricket in the kitchen... (Don't ask...)

Monday and today marks the start of a big week for me. This morning I had the renewal exam for my Tour Guide License, which I passed, phew! Good to guide for another two years - now we just need some tourists! Then the Uni-exam for the Landscape painting syllabus came alive, and I have been working all day on that. It has to be submitted on Thursday night, so will be working on that every free minute this week! Linnea baked some banana bread and Nathan went flying. Didn't want to waste time cooking, so oven-pancake for dinner.

Tuesday and I dove straight back into the books with my morning coffee, and a part from a short break for exercise I studied the whole day. Nathan was off, so he handled the ground service today. Steak and veggies for dinner.

Wednesday and padel time, although for some reason only three people out of our big group could play today, so I brought Nathan as our fourth player. Bad idea though, as instead of impressing with everything I learnt since last time we played, I sucked and played my worst ever. And with a bad attitude, as he got on my nerves... ha ha.
The rest of the day I dug my heels in to finish my exam, and I think I did. Will let it rest until tomorrow and submit after checking it through again with fresh eyes.
Chicken and bacon pasta for dinner.

Thursday and Nathan was off to work early in the morning. I had not one, but two padel games this morning, so prepared accordingly with my normal two cups of coffee, lots of water - and the right outfit, ha ha! I played both with the Swedish girls, and also a game with some new friends, two Argentinian chicas. So much fun!
Then it was time to send in my exam and bam - just like that, all three exams of this week are done! Wii-hoo!
Lucas went to play basketball with some friends in the afternoon and I took the opportunity of stopping in at the drive-through and pick up some Spring Break KFC for dinner after having dropped him off.

Friday and a bit of exercise for me in the morning while Nathan was at work. 

I surprised the family by having ordered some special Kiwi treats for snack and then I took Linnea to the hairdresser, she decided to get a darker toner again, and cut some curtain bangs (!). Nathan in his turn took Lucas to fix up his "haircut" before Lucas was off to the movies with his friends in the evening.
The rest of us had homemade burgers and curly fries for dinner, I had got some nice veggie burgers for me, yum.

Saturday and it was time for a bit of R&R. We went back to Maya Island, today together with Frida, Calle and family. Lush lush lush! Picked up some take-away burgers for some on the way home.

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