Saturday, 13 March 2021

7 - 13 March 2021

Sunday morning and took both kids to school - now both going FULL TIME, for the first time in over a year!!! Wiii-hooo!!!
I should've had padel coaching this morning, but the coach was ill so that got cancelled last minute, boo. Treadmill it was instead. Getting it done. After school the kids and I spent an hour at the drive-in testing station for PCR, time to test for school, again. Every 10/11th day.
We were so hungry when we finally got home that we had dinner super early - stegt flaesk with parsley sauce and potatoes, om nom nom!

Monday morning I spent exploring Yas Bay during another walk with my friend Anna. So nice to be outside, have to make sure to enjoy it as much as we can, as warmer days are coming. I worked a bit on an assignment, had a UNI lecture, and cooked daal for dinner (for me, burgers for the others).

Tuesday and today was a really good day. Good mood exercise, Study Group with my LAD-girls, picking the kids up, getting a quote for new blinds for the kitchen, and sorting out some admin for the LAD/DCT-license which eventually will mean - work!
Spinach and mushroom risotto for dinner with the add-on of chorizo for some, freshly baked baguettes and pimientos de padrón as well. Yum!

Wednesday and big group padel time. Grateful for every week it's still ok temperatures to play outside. Today was a great session, it's really cool to see the progression of everyone, that comes with more play. Unfortunately today I had to skip the coffee after as I had to get to the hairdresser on time. Went even shorter today... ha ha, not sure where this will end!

For dinner I made oven/thick-pancake with carrots and our favourite bacon, cranberries and brussel sprouts salad. Colourful and delicious!

Thursday morning and we were all up together. Nathan had to go to Dubai for a medical so he took the kids to school, and I went to padel, again. Never too much padel! I really try to play as much as I can for as long as I'm not working and while the weather is good; plus it's so much fun and it makes me so happy.
Linda and I went to explore another new place on the Abu Dhabi food scene for lunch, Montauk.
We had pasta with chicken and bacon for dinner and watched 'Coming to America 2'. It's rare that we find a movie that all of us appreciate so it was nice.

Friday and I finally managed to have a proper sleep-in until about 09.30! Did me good! Other than that the day just ran away with some Zooming with the NZ family, exercise and a quick study session and UNI seminar before it was time to go to the LAD for a Sundowner together with Frida and Calle.

Saturday morning was a bit slow, Nathan went to work and I started my day with coffee in bed and catching up with some Netflix. Then tidying up, exercise and Uni work; and the new blinds came! I had to get new ones for the kitchen since we haven't been able to neither raise nor open the old ones for ages, after the string broke. This time I picked ocean blue ones, love how they go with the rug and well needed in here with a bit more colour! Here's before and after:

We also had a roller blind installed in Nathan's Pain Cave so that he has some more privacy when training out there. Great stuff.

We also got to catch up with the McGeehees, our ex-door-neighbours who now live in Dubai, for the first time in over a year! So lovely to see them all.
Lucas volleyball game has changed times to Saturday afternoons because of the changes in temperature, so I spent the afternoon being Mums Taxi; then couldn't be bothered to cook, and with Nathan at work we had McDonald's for dinner.

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