Saturday, 13 March 2021

Sundowner supreme

Last night we went to the Art Lounge right under the dome at the Louvre Abu Dhabi for a Sundowner together with our friends Frida and Calle. Such an amazingly beautiful location with equally amazing views.

We sure are getting into warmer times, there certainly was no need for the cardigan that I had brought last night - it was 31 degrees all evening long, with a slightly warm breeze coming through.

They had a wine & cheese offer going, so - we had wine and cheese of course, until it was almost coming out of our ears! So much cheese, and so much wine!

Strolling back out under the dome at the end of the evening felt like we were doing something we shouldn't, as of course the museum was all empty. Stunning, stunning, stunning at night!

I'll never ever get tired of this place, or these views. Look at that dome! Dazzling! 

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