Thursday, 11 March 2021

A trip to the Hamptons

Linda and I went on another discovery journey to another newly opened café today, the 'Montauk Boutique Café' which has only been opened a little over a month. It was the very first time I think I've had to actually wait to be seated, it was full when we arrived! It seemed extremely popular, especially with the locals.

Quite a fancy looking place, I really liked the decor, it felt like we left Abu Dhabi and traveled overseas as it had a bit of a Hamptons theme. A seaside palette of blue and grey colours, lots of plants, oversized furniture, white wood and a light, breezy and natural look. Coastal chic!


Funnily enough, the music they had streaming throughout the café was that of a French bistro..!
Menu was a bit limited as we arrived just in between the breakfast and lunch times, but I had a delicious salmon bagel and then we shared the biggest slice of carrot cake I've seen in a long time.

Nice to discover new places, but as nice as it was, it was also a bit on the expensive side, so I don't think I'll rush back.

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