Thursday, 18 March 2021

15 days

15 days at school was all that Linnea got. Yesterday school told us they would close with immediate effect, and move to e-learning for the rest of the term until Spring Break. Argh!
It wasn't disclosed exactly how many cases emerged from the latest testing, but it didn't sound like there was many. It was actually a bit surprising that the whole school got shut considering all their protocols, and how well and how fast they dealt with the positive cases and their close contacts. But in the end, it's up to the authorities, and I guess they think "rather safe than sorry".

Luckily the kids are so used to the e-learning and the routines for home school are there already. They both truly are superstars for adapting so well through all these constant changes. The transition this morning was pain-free, even though there was mixed feelings about having to stay at home again just as they had got used to face-to-face learning.

This really brought down my general mood, it feels like five steps back again, just as we were seeing the light in the tunnel. Booo. It's a never-ending story this Coronapocalypse...

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