Wednesday, 3 March 2021

It was this week

I've been rather anxious lately as we are coming around to all those anniversaries of different things a year ago, when the Covid-situation first got serious here in AD.

This past weekend last year for example, we went to our last event and we had a visitor for the last time. This was also the last week the kids went to school. The 5th of March 2020 was their last day, not to return until October for Lucas - and this coming Sunday (over a year later!) full time for Linnea.
This week last year I also did my last few days of work before everything shut down, almost from one day to another. Lockdown happened, and life changed.
Remembering how we looked at the situation back then and how we though it was going to develop, and pass, feels almost naive now. Little did we know.

So even though life is definitely easier, and in many ways back to normal - all these one-year-ago-thoughts, the sorrow of having "lost" this past year in some strange vacuum; combined with the usual "stress" about the UAE winter soon starting to come to an end; is making me still feel a bit fragile and moody at the moment.
I keep using my mantra - "One day at a time, one day at a time", this too shall pass. Even though it's slow - there are even brighter times ahead!

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