Saturday, 20 March 2021

14 - 20 March 2021

Sunday was a Sunday like most other Sundays at the moment. Started with padel, although not our best coaching session. Continued with studies, managed to finish off my Museoloy assignment and will let it rest now a few days before polishing and submitting. Picked up kids, cooked dinner  - Smokey BBQ chicken fajitas - and watched TV. We had an early night, all went to bed before 10pm.

Monday and everybody up, Nathan off to work and kids to school. I jumped on the treadmill before continuing the studies for the other Uni course, yes, it's a lot at the moment because it's all culminating this week and next. Later in the afternoon Uni lecture on Zoom, last one for this course; and fish parcels, corn on the cob and oven roasted veggies for dinner before I had a bath and watched Greys Anatomy.

Tuesday and another day on the treadmill and in front of the computer. Nathan went flying and I took the kids for another PCR-test for school in the afternoon, and cooked pasta and Swedish meatsauce (no tomatoes) for dinner.
I spent a really long time trying to figure out why the Roborock all of a sudden didn't want to return to dock after cleaning, tried all the tricks; until Nathan came home and saw that the cord that says "Do not unplug" had indeed been unplugged... (Someone had plugged the iron in to iron their uniform, so they were forgiven though.)

Wednesday morning, Nathan went flying, again. He is working what feels like all the time at the moment! I went to padel, as every Wednesday morning. It's nice to have this game scheduled in the middle of the week each week. Nice to play of course - but also nice with the coffee after!
Today we had chicken katsu and rice for dinner which was yum, but the evening turned into an evening of bad news. One after the other, which ended with the announcement that the kids whole school have to move to e-learning with immediate effect. Bugger!

Thursday and back to e-learning. Looking at the bright side, we got to sleep an hour longer in the morning, and I had no lunch box or school-run to do. I had padel in the morning, and in the afternoon I went for a walk at the mall and finished off by getting groceries.
Lucas was hanging with his friends in the evening and while they had Shake Shack for dinner, the rest of us had sushi. Yum all around.

Friday started rather slow, I didn't get started with my exercise until after lunch. Nathan did it the other way around, spent the morning in the Pain Cave, and then he went flying. I spent the afternoon getting through the ironing mountain while catching up on some TV and Linnea spent it with a friend. Kids ordered pizza for dinner, and I had soup and bread.

Saturday and exercising first thing in the morning-ish. Nathan off to work again, Lucas had afternoon volleyball and I went for dinner with Jennifer, Linda and Frida. I was a good wife and mother and prepared a Cottage Pie for the others before I left. Another week done and dusted, next week is last week of this term. It's also exam week for me, so Spring Break will be much needed for all of us. Bring it.

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