Saturday, 6 March 2021

28 February - 6th March 2021

Sunday and already the last day of February, can't keep up. Padel coaching session this morning as per usual, and when I got back home Nathan had already gone to work. Linnea is at home this week e-learning, so at least I wasn't alone.
Green pepper steak, potato wedges and veggies for dinner.

Monday started with a long walk in the Eastern Mangroves with my friend Anna. I hadn't seen her for the longest time, and also never been walking there, so it was a lovely morning. I continued my day with meeting up Petra for a long, long lunch, having time to chat properly was well needed.
UNI lecture in the afternoon, mussels in garlic, cream and wine for dinner and that was that day.

Tuesday was a bit of an in-between super lazy day, for me. Lucas at school, Linnea e-learning, Nathan at work - and I did my exercise, slouched around, had a nap... and cooked pancakes for dinner. One of those days.

Wednesday and group padel to start the day. Then pretty much a day like yesterday. Nathan took Linnea for her second dose of vaccine, and then cooked pork loin and mashed potatoes for dinner before he went to see Peter for while. I spent the evening by myself bingeing my new series 'Call your Agent', in French! I love it!

Thursday and the fog came back in the morning. Our padel game today ended up being played on half-court, as because of a slight miscommunication there was only three of us. No big deal, we got to practise the precision and placing of our shots, as the half-court play (without walls) is rather different.
Once I got back home I got stuck into my next assignment for my Museology course, feels good to have put a good dent in that as I need to submit it before time, due to the Landscape course exam being "live" that same week.
My car went for service and came back all shiny and clean, they better not seed any clouds this weekend!
Pasta and meatballs in tomato sauce for dinner and a long "gin soak" (as Nathan calls my baths) with bubbles and Swedish TV.

Friday morning Nathan went for a long bike ride, Lucas went to volleyball and I had a very slow morning. Actually today all together never really seemed to happen for me. I felt tired and fuzzy and since my head didn't wake up I didn't even do any studying. I just lazied around, played some boardgames with Linnea and watched some TV. Pizza for dinner as Lucas was out with his friends after karting, so it was just the three of us.

Saturday meant a bit more action for me, got up early to do my exercise before I would meet up with my friend Amaryllis at the LAD. It's always really nice to enjoy the galleries together with someone, and today we concentrated on the new exhibition. Then home to enjoy Linneas baking (and a nap!) before I met up with Linda and Sara for the evening.
The others had a homely day, with left-overs for dinner.

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