Tuesday, 16 March 2021

SOME streak!

I have been waiting for today's display on my watch - the 365 days streak is complete!

365 days of burning at least 500 calories through exercise EVERY day! A whole year of daily exercise!!!

So what have I been doing?
Lately my exercise have consisted of padel 3-4 times a week, and usually the treadmill for the rest of it. Sometimes I've done some outdoor walking, or Zumba; and during the summer trip to Sweden it was only outside walks or bike rides, so most of it has been just cardio I must admit. So no, not all exercise have been generating puddles of sweat or huge spikes in the heart rate, but I have made a conscious choice to move - every day for a year. That's something to be proud of for sure.

Last spring during the lockdown I was doing a lot more strength based exercises as well, and I was both slimmer and more toned then, than I am now. I would like to get back in top form, so will try and bring those videos back into my routine. I guess it'll come naturally eventually, when the heat will force me to do inside workouts only.

I guess I have the Covid-situation to thank for finally sticking to a routine and for realizing that there is always time every day for some exercise.

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