Thursday, 4 March 2021

Al Gurm Corniche

This week I went to explore one of the newly renovated areas in Abu Dhabi which just reopened to the public - the Al Gurm Corniche, which runs all the way from the Eastern Mangroves to the Dolphin Park.

They have installed a bike and walking track which runs about 3,5 km along the Mangrove National Park, which means that you have amazing views over the mangroves, and the skyline of the city.

Along the way there are a few of these education stations, where you can learn about the local ecosystem, the different birds and animals that live here. If you are lucky, you get to spot some wildlife too, we saw a lonely flamingo this morning on our walk!

It's really nicely done, although I have to mention the fact that it is not exactly a quiet and peaceful area, as it runs just next to the highway which is extremely noisy.

There are also cafés, fitness equipment, play areas and viewing platforms with telescopes and resting nodes along the way:

Anna and I:

We finished off by having a coffee inside the Eastern Mangroves marina, one of my favourite spots:

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