Thursday, 25 March 2021

Spring Break!

And that was it! We have reached the end of Term 2 of this school year, time for Spring Break!
But for the second year in a row, we will not be traveling anywhere, which feels rather sad, and very weird. Usually we ALWAYS travel for Spring Break. Also it has now been two years since we went to NZ, and who knows with the current state of the world, when we will be able to go again. :(

I'm not quite sure what we will be doing instead. We have talked about maybe going up to Dubai for a few days, after Linnea have reached her 28 days after the vaccination and got her E-status. But I must admit during this whole Covid-time I have developed a bit of a fear, or at least an unease around traveling. All the different rules and regulations that keep constantly changing, the risks of accidentally raking up thousands and thousands of AED in fines if you get something wrong, the multiple PCR-tests that can show whatever and so on. It all gives me anxiety just thinking about it.

I guess we will see what adventures we can make happen. I have to leave my safe little bubble sooner or later! After a week where I have submit two Uni exams and passed my Tour Guide License renewal exam, I do feel a bit worn out, so just like the kids, I'm just looking forward to a bit of a break - even if it's all just here in Abu Dhabi.

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