Saturday, 28 December 2019

Christmas Day 2019

As I said, kids and I landed back in Abu Dhabi early Christmas Day morning and when we got home - it was Christmas all over our house as well! Nathan had very dutifully lit all my candles and the tree was full of presents!

Well, we had to unpack, as there was also many gifts coming back with us; and have showers after the traveling, and get into our Christmas PJs, enjoy a bit of Swedish Christmas ham toasties for breakfast... but then! Christmas present time!

As the kids get older, the presents get fewer but bigger. Lucas got new gaming head phones:

Kids had brought me their gifts while in Sweden. Linnea got me a beautiful hour glass (I had given quite clear hints while shopping, as I have always wanted one), and Lucas got me this candle light holder while shopping with Mormor. He had chosen it all by himself so he was very nervous to see if I'll like it, but of course I did - so he got very proud of himself.

Lucas had wished for a drinks fridge for his room (ehm no, we would see even less of him), so Linnea had found him one which powers via USB, and holds - ONE can. Ha ha ha! The giggles we had, luckily he saw the joke too!

Someone had wished for a new phone as she has always just had the hand-me-downs. She never really thought she was going to get it though, so she got mighty surprised when her gift actually contained a shiny, new iPhone 11! Very happy girl!

And Nathan, he got a flying Santa figurine, a few kitchen gadgets and some nice new smellies. Everybody was happy and content.

Our Christmas dinner this year came in a box.
We had gone back and forth around trying to plan what we were going to do, since we would have been traveling all day before and probably not be in the mood to go out somewhere - but even less be in the mood for cooking! Also, the prices are hiked up everywhere because it's Christmas and we felt that even if we had done a festive brunch of sorts, it would've been a waste of money since we wouldn't have had the energy to take full advantage of it all.
So - we ordered in!

Already before I left, I ordered this turkey package from the Westin, and Nathan went to pick it up in the morning. PERFECT! It came with a big ready-cooked turkey and all the trimmings, ready to just be heated up and served.

Not only was it a great tasting meal, but amazing value for money! We got dinner out of it for all four of us both on Christmas Day and Boxing Day; and we all had turkey sandwiches for lunch on Boxing Day too... AND some still could eat some more turkey on the 27th so had more sandwiches then, and there was still some meat left..!

So from all of us, to all of you - a very Merry Christmas!

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