Saturday, 14 December 2019

Sankta Lucia 2019

The last day of school at end of term is always a half day, and even though Linnea was a bit upset she was going to miss the teachers yearly lip-sync competition (...) we decided to leave for Sweden already on the 12th - as that would get us there in time to celebrate Lucia.

We flew into Copenhagen and went across the bridge to stay with Pia & co for a couple of nights. On Lucia she took us to the S:t Pauli Church, for a concert with the Malmö Limelight Chorus.
We weren't the only ones with that idea! We arrived 45 minutes before the doors opened, and the queue already seemed endless..!

But we got in, and got seats up on the balcony. We hadn't actually been IN Sweden for Lucia since 2010, so I was beyond excited!

Such a beautiful church building. 

And then they came! Sooo beautiful! I got really sentimental and emotional, all the Lucia-celebrations of my childhood came back to mind at the same time as I tried to enjoy it all and absorb the feeling as best as I could. It felt like such a treat to get to experience it like this.

They performed both the traditional songs, but also had a part of their concert were they went a bit more "crazy". Here they have put on a bunch of different Christmas accessories, to sing 'Mer Jul', by Adolphson & Falk.

I just love being in Sweden at Christmas time. The stars and advents lights in all the windows, and decorations everywhere. I have a feeling that with the LED lights, it has absolutely exploded and every building and every house now is decorated extensively, both in the windows, on their facades and in their gardens.

When we got back home to Pia's house, we had a small 'julbord' for dinner! Mmm, Christmas ham, herring and 'julmust'!

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