Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Feliz Navidad

The day before we left on our holidays I was invited to my friend Karina's for a Christmas celebration, just like last year. I was welcome to bring Erika along so I got to introduce her to some of my tour guide colleagues who were also there, amongst the rest of Karina's friends and neighbours.

Last year I got surprised at how fancy the get-together was, so this year we came prepared in nice dresses and with heels on!
The Louvre Abu Dhabi gang, Aleksandra, me, Kathleen and Termy:

This year there was no charade playing, instead we did a Christmas gift game - with riddles and clues! Quite funny, and I ended up coming home with a lovely scarf.

Just like last year, we all went home with a small gift from the hostess as well.
Such great hospitality, thank you very much Karina - and Feliz Navidad! 

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