Friday, 6 December 2019

Sunset at Qasr al Watan

As we were already in the city, Erika and I decided to continue in to Qasr al Watan after our brunch (we had done the soft package) to explore this new attraction which wasn't open last time she was here. It was actually quite nice to come see it in the evening, I rarely do.
We arrived just at sunset:

Each visit here I discover something new, this time I concentrated on admiring the many mosaic- and marble decorations:


Once we got back home, we ended the night with some "Glubbel" (glögg (=Swedish mulled wine) + bubbles)! Each Christmas they seem to come up new concoctions, strange mixtures and fusions which not always are a hit, so I was dubious. But this was REALLY good! So refreshing, yet still festive and Christmassy! Perfect for our climate, and really, really tasty too!

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