Monday, 2 December 2019

F1 weekend

This long weekend has been a really busy one here in Abu Dhabi. Not only does the kids have extra days off school since today is National Day - Happy 48th Birthday UAE - but of course we've also had the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix this weekend.
Nathan has been to the F1 several times already, but this year it was time for the rest of the family to experience it, in different ways.

Lucas went to both the Thursday and Friday concerts, saw the DJ Marshmello and rappers Future and Gucci Mane, who replaced Travis Scott. He said it was really great concerts, and I'm sure this first concert experience of his was enhanced by the fact he went with a huge group of friends.

Linnea and I got some tickets for the Saturday and went out early in the afternoon to check out the race village and all the stands:

There was an abundance of food trucks, and other stands:

Johan, Linda and Samuel came with us:

Lots of fun things to explore, like falcons in the Emirati tent:

My favourite part was the aerobatic fly-by by the Al Fursan team. Always impressive!

Hm... where did I park my Ferrari..?

We only watched the qualifyings, but still fun to soak up the atmosphere by the track. It was rather noisy even though they didn't actually race each other, only the clock. I loved the twilight feeling and how they race into the sunset. 

On the Sunday for the actual race, we had a much more comfortable, and less noisy view!

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