Monday, 23 December 2019

Bye for now

After a really good week in Skara enjoying all the Christmas preparations, yummy food and good company, it was time for us to get going to get home to Abu Dhabi in time for Christmas with Nathan.

Before leaving, the kids were allowed to smash their gingerbread houses. Only Lucas opted for the full smash, Linnea just picked off her sweeties to eat them...

Mormor had given us a few board games for Christmas which we enjoyed playing in the evenings. I have always enjoyed board games, so I loved having both the kids and Morfar (reluctantly) playing with Mormor and I.

Then it was time to get on the train to get back down to Malmö for a night, before flying home for Christmas. Luckily it wasn't as cold as this time when we left the same train station in -14,7 degrees! Ha ha, a few degrees celcius is just what we can handle. 

Had to check the height again, and it seems like 'Lanky' has now clearly outgrown Morfar too! (We measured him to 1,85 when we got back home!) 

Bye for now! ❤️ Thank you and God Jul!

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