Friday, 6 December 2019

A new brunch

I have been wanting to try somewhere new for Friday Brunch for a while now, and as Erika was up for anything, we decided to give Crust at the Four Seasons a go.

It turned out they had a bit of a different kind of set-up to your usual Friday Brunch, which I actually really liked. There was a mix of starters and à la carte dining which was rolled up to our table by the chefs, together with a market-inspired layout for the rest of the food.

There wasn't a massive spread, instead the balance between the dishes and food offered was really nicely curated and just right, and all the food we had was exquisite.

Cheese selection:


Chocolate fountain:

This was more of a laid-back, sophisticated brunch - compared to the more brash, loud party-brunches we usually end up at.
The music was soft and enjoyable, and the views were fabulous. I will definitely try to get back to this one again, I really enjoyed it!

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