Friday, 27 December 2019

Julafton 2019

Our Julafton this year wasn't very exciting, as we spent it traveling nearly all day, back from Sweden to Abu Dhabi, via Copenhagen and Amsterdam.
First we said goodbye to Pia at the train station at Hyllie:

Then we said hello to Uncle Thomas who came to Kastrup to wish us Merry Christmas - before we flew to Amsterdam with KLM. We had nearly 5 hours to wait in Amsterdam, so we actually didn't mind having to go through Immigration and then check in again, at least it gave us something to do. Also, we then got access to the lounge, so we were pretty comfortable.

Finally, we boarded our home bird Etihad for the last leg, Amsterdam to Abu Dhabi:

Everything went really smoothly, we landed as planned back home early morning on Christmas Day - just in time to get home to celebrate Christmas with Nathan.

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