Saturday, 7 December 2019


In the name of research, I went in to have a look at the newest attraction on Yas Island the other day while at the mall. We've seen this funny building being under construction for what feels like forever, it suffered from a fire last year which delayed it, but finally it's opened - CLYMB.

It actually contains two new attractions, which also are two world-records (of course, we are in the UAE!) - the worlds tallest indoor climbing wall, and the worlds largest indoor skydiving chamber.
There are five different climbing walls of different heights and for different challenges, with the record-breaking Summyt being the tallest at 42 meters tall:

There was a group getting ready to skydive when we were there, so the instructors did a little demo and put on a show. It was quite impressive!
This skydiving chamber is both the tallest and the widest in the world 32 meters x 9,7 meters.

A great addition to the ever growing Yas Island for sure!

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